About Us

Since our founding in March 2001, we have been growing continuously. We currently employ over 170 people. Month after month, colleagues from a wide variety of areas and locations strengthen our team. jSERVICE belongs to the category of medium-sized companies with close ties to employees and their customers. This results in loyalty, sustainability and a high level of structural and organizational professionalism.

jSERVICE is not just an employer – jSERVICE is community, development, and desire for the job. We are proud of our team spirit and the excellent working atmosphere.

The origin of our name

With the introduction of the imaginary unit i as a new number more than 240 years ago, Leonhard Euler laid the foundation for calculating with complex numbers. In doing so, he has also done modern electrical engineering a great service, since the representation of electrical quantities would not be possible without the help of complex numbers – albeit with a small difference in the nomenclature: under the “icing on the cake” the foundation changes, since in electrical engineering it is on a j to avoid confusion with the instantaneous value i(t) for the current intensity. Literally, the j can be explained as a missing link, since without this j many calculations in electrical engineering could not be solved. That’s where we started when we were thinking about a name for the company in early 2001. After five years of successful work for medium-sized companies, the transfer of scientific work into practice should be realized with jSERVICE. jSERVICE today closes the gap between the automotive industry and suppliers for difficult-to-solve equations in the electrical and electronic systems segment. The above-average growth after the repositioning showed that the new plan worked.

Jörg Bauermeister


Claas Merfort